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About Us
Contact us and we will offer you all the informations that you need. If we decide to collaborate, we will search the best solution for you.

"We match employers to employees and employees to employers."

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About Us

RCC-AGRO-DK Company wants to be the perfect link between Danish employers and skilled and unskilled staff in Romania eager for a job in Denmark.

RCC-AGRO-DK Company started to work 10 years ago, trying to be: the bridge between Danish farmers and staff from Romania, eager to get a job in to a Danish farm.

Regarding the future, RCC-AGRO-DK Company, hope to become No: 1 solution, for the selection, recruitment and placement of workers from Romania to Denmark, not only in agriculture but in other existing areas.

     RCC-AGRO-DK Company currently offers:

A -For Danish Employers: the ability to find via our company perfect employee for their company.

- We guarantee, finding the ideal candidate for your business in less than one month from the date in which employer ask use an employee.
- Our services ar the cheapest on the market.
- We provide the transportation for the employees to the employers headquarters.
- We provide free assistance to employers, for employees file ,in preparation for submitting the dossier to the competent institutions in Denmark( statsforvaltningen, kommune and skat).

B-For those interested in obtaining a job in Denmark:

-Jobs within livestock farms, vegetable farms and greenhouses in Denmark for a period of 1-18 month and maybe renewable for an unlimited period in these terms:

1- We offer free transportation to work place, if the canditate can"t pay for transport.

2-Salary conditions:

a) The minimum gross wage in the first 12 months is 11.280 kr(cca: 1700 euro). After tax the net salary will be cca: 9300 kr/month ( cca.1250 euro net).
- This salary wage scale is applied for 37 hours of work per week, resulting in a total of 160 hours per month.
- Overtime are paid by apoximativ 100 Danish kroner, brutto, per hour.
- Employees will receive paid vacation up to five weeks per year. Holidays payment is made by the rules from Denmark, and we have: a percentage of 12.5% over the monthly salary is sent to an account called: FERIEKONTO, from where, the employee can raise the money after 1 Mai each year.

In a word, employees will enjoy the same conditions as a Danish worker.


- Tax rules are made by SKAT (Danish Financial Administration), and involves a tax for the gross salary in the first 12 months with a variable percentage depending on area of residence in Denmark. The percentage can vary between 8% and 29%.
- In this percentage is included and mandatory medical insurance.
- Salarys can be taxed even with: 37% --- 45% if the gain exceeds a certain amount per month, but a minimum level of about 1250 euro (first 12 months) is not affected.

4-Conditions for candidates:

- Knowledge of English or German language at conversational level.
- Maximum age 34 years.
- Driver licence-is not always necessary.

5-What have to do the one interested:

- Contact use by facebook: rccagrodk, submit a resume in english or romanian language, which must contain a picture using the site: www.rccagrodk.com and apply for one of the existing jobs, or send the cv by e-mail to: contact@rccagrodk.com
- CV should be as detailed as possible. We want this resume to indicate very well the candidates work experience and English level.
6- Why Rcc Agro DK and not other company:
     - We have the lowest commission on the market in relation with the length of work contract perioade.
     - We provide free transportation to Denmark, if it is the case.
     - Our fee is paid only in Denmark, in 3 tranches we the employee will get the salary nr:2, nr:3, nr:4.
     - We take care about our customers also after they finish the payment for our fee.
     - We ar always involved in conflict situation arising from job offered.
     - We dont work with employers who do not respect human condition, and which do not respect employees.

OBS: FILLING CVs and JOB OFFERTs in English only.

For more details please contact use by facebook: rccagrodk, visit our website: www.rccagrodk.com or contact the site administrator at telephone no:+4/0768907917 or via e-mail address: rccagrodk@yahoo.co.uk