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Living and working in Denmark
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Living and working in Denmark

Denmark – a welfare society :


  The Danish welfare society is characterised by a high rate of economic growth and a high standard of living. In Denmark, citizens are financially insured, e.g. in case of illness and old age.

  When you work in Denmark, you have to pay tax on your wages to Denmark. These taxes help pay for the Danish welfare system, e.g. child care, education, elderly care, and access to doctors and hospitals. You also benefit from these welfare services. The principle of the Danish welfare system is that all citizens have equal access to social services regardless of their social background or origin. 

Danes speak many languages:

  As a foreign national, it is possible to get by easily in Denmark without speaking Danish from the start. Danes typically speak many different foreign languages and welcome the opportunity to put these skills to use. Nearly all Danes speak English, many speak German, and one out of ten Danes speaks French. Some Danes also speak Spanish or Italian

Good conditions and opportunities for development:

  Danish business culture is characterised by a horizontal structure and open dialogue between management and employees, and much is done to ensure a good working environment. Danish companies offer good working conditions, modern facilities and high-quality technical equipment. Competence development is highly prioritised and most workplaces regularly offer continuing education to their employees.

Family and career – a healthy balance:

  Previous studies have shown that a majority of foreign national workers in Denmark felt that their quality of life increased while living in Denmark. This is the result of many factors, but many highlight the positive balance between family and career in Denmark:
        - Nearly all respondents said that their families enjoyed living in Denmark 
        - A majority of respondents felt that Denmark is a good place to raise children 
        - Many felt that Danish companies are good at respecting employees family lives 
        - Generally, there is a high level of satisfaction with leisure and cultural opportunities in Denmark.

A safe country to live in:

  Foreign nationals who come to Denmark often cite safety and security as the countrys most important characteristics. Children walk to school alone and even well-known leaders in the business community do not have to surround themselves with bodyguards. The countrys parliament, the Folketing, is open to everyone and it is not unusual to see a government minister cycling through the city. Even the Queen can shop in Copenhagen or Århus with a minimum of bodyguards.

  That this notion of security is not just fiction is reflected in the statistics that show the crime rate in Denmark is among the lowest in the world.